Doors Are OPEN! (almost)

building door

Check out this sturdy framework.




So, did we ever tell you we had to build two ginormous doors inside the two ginormous doors that lead into the brewery? This is that story.

It’s a story of regulations we didn’t expect, requiring double doors. A story of woodworking, drywalling, painting, and hinges. A story of why we’re even more excited about being able to say (at our Grand Opening 2/9): “Doors are OPEN!”

insulating door

The insulation was a nice shade of pink… but it didn’t really go with our color scheme. So we slapped up some more drywall to cover it up.







painting door

Next step: painting. A serious undertaking when you’re dealing with such serious doorways.











Are we artists, or what?



And all that work leads to….

opening door



…And they all drank happily ever after.

(It’s a good story, right??)

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3 Responses to “Doors Are OPEN! (almost)”
  1. Chris Reed says:

    What is your address? I can’t find it on the website… at least not yet and I think it might be nice to have it big and bold on the site so we can all stop by! Thanks!

  2. Mary says:

    Three of us tried to be supportive and join the Abbey folks who might have attended your grand opening last night however the GPS led us to an area that didn’t seem likely. Are you located in an industrial park off Batavia?

    We wish you the best. Congratulations!

  3. Hi Mary! Sorry you weren’t able to find us. We are tucked away. I have instructions under the contact us page. We are in a industrial park off Batavia. In the Batavia Business Park West Complex behind the Mark Co. Its tough to find in the dark. Thanks for trying we will be open every Saturday from now on so if you feel like trying again come on back!

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