The Series: Common Sense

Style:Blonde Lager

Our Story

In music the crescendo is a valuable tool used to increase the strength and fervor of the song. Instead of a harsh contrast between tones the crescendo conducts the melody to perfection, making the song harmonious with an easy flow.

Likewise Valiant Brewing has brewed the perfect Blond Lager, which will introduce you, the audience of sorts, to a performance of bold tastes and flavors.  Just as the orchestra’s music builds up into climatic power, our Crescendo will escalate the desire for fine beer, which only Valiant Brewing can satisfy.

Tasting Notes

This is an excellent hot weather thirst quencher that will satisfy your thirst after a hard days work. More to follow…


Starting Gravity: 13.3 °P

International Bittering Unit: 24

Color: 3.8 SRM

% Alcohol by Volume: 6.5%

Food Pairing

Pairing with almost all forms of food, our blonde lager should essentially have no boundaries of where and to what it’s paired with. With it’s light and dry body, lighter foods such as chicken, salads, salmon, bratwurst, or even a classic American cheese burger will pair nicely. You will have to select cheeses that are light as well. A good selection could be Monterey jack, mild English, or Cheddar. As for deserts, light apricot, lemon custard tart, or even oatmeal raisin walnut cookies with a helping of vanilla ice cream.

Recommend Storage and Serving

Crescendo is considered our mainstay beer in that it’s designed to be consumed fairly young. Due to the nature of larger beers, storage conditions shall be the main consideration for shelf life since this beer matures with cold conditioning. To balances the malt and hop flavors, this beer should be consumed within 2 months of production.

It is best to store the beer upright in a dark refrigerated area at temperatures around 36 – 38°F. It is recommend serving at temperatures between 40 – 45°F and should be proudly presented in a classic US tumbler.

Production Details

Packaging: Draft, 1L/2L Growler Fill, 750ml (Bottles coming soon!)

Time of Release: Year Round

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