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Valiant Brewing - Jericho in Bottle

Style: Imperial IPA

Our Story

Seven days the priests of Joshua marched, parading the Ark of the Covenant around Jericho with trumpets blaring. On the seventh day the army of Joshua crushed the walls of Jericho with a thunderous shout and, invigorated by the cry, pillaged the city. This showcase of hops in Jericho illustrates the bitterness necessary for IPA’s without losing the mellifluous qualities that make great beers greater. With just a taste of our Imperial IPA all desire for other ales will crumble, vanquished by this Valiant Brew.

Craft breweries love to make beers that stand out amongst their rivalry. One way this is accomplished is by the use of hops which adds an incredible array of flavors and aromas. Our Imperial IPA takes a stand and pushes the boundaries even further by delicately balancing the true nature of hops.

Tasting Notes 

Get ready for an incredible experience, our Imperial IPA is filled, literally with hops in all aspects of the brewing process. However with a focus attributing to flavors and aromas of that reminiscent to Floral, Citrus, we allow enough balance to make such a big beer drinkable. The approachable aroma of orange, tangerine and citrus flower bouquet first heightens the senses. Allowing the hop flavor to develop, the malt profile allows minor support to the pallet with just enough malty sweetness. The effects of bittering will be the true treat of this beer. With our efforts focused on a unique bittering profile, the carefully selected polish hops helps develop a long but elegant bittering profile that last a couple of minutes. Truly a remarkable beer that can be enjoy by everyone.


Starting Gravity: 21.54 °P

International Bittering Unit: Above and Beyond 100

Color: 9 SRM

% Alcohol by Volume: 10.8%

Food Pairing

You will be surprised with the baud range of foods you can enjoy with our Imperial IPA. For main coarse foods, grill lamb, beef brisket or southern chick-fried steak are a treat. Additionally, strong spicy food like Mexican style or meals spiced with curry easily can be pair. For pre-dinner, cheeses that have high levels of blue cheese melt away if followed by a sip. Deserts should be kept to the theme of Citrus flavors much like sherbet or grape fruit flambé.

Recommend Storage and Serving

Heavily hopped beers, like our Imperial IPA are a little difficult for storage since with time the hop aroma will slowly dissipate. To help compensate, we again have crafted a hop profile that will allow aging of this beer. For intense hop aroma, we recommend consuming the beer within 5 months however this beer may be aged for years providing more depth and deeper concentrations of flavors.

It is best to store the beer upright in a cold dark area at temperatures around 38°F. Recommend serving temperature is 50 – 54°F and should be served in a snifter glass which perfectly captures the true essences of our hop profile.

Production Details

Packaging: Draft, 1L/2L Growler Fills, 750ml Bottles now available

Time of Release: Seasonal, November

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