Mighty Maximus

The Series: Common Sense

Style: Premium Bitter

Our Story

Size can often be deceptive and this is double the case for this robust and vigorous beer
Champion of the slaves and hero of the abused, out of the dirt rose a mighty man. Fighting a war against an empire with little chance of success Maximus ultimately failed in his attempt. Maximus fought to keep the hopes of his people alive and he did this out of honor.

He fought with the sword in the arena, now you have the choice to sit in the stands idly watching or to join him in this war. The Mighty Maximus might look weak but it has a large heart, a vigor that cannot be contained. This is the impetus that will topple thrones.

Tasting Notes

Much like an ESB the Premium Bitter is a style from England and has many subdued and subtle tones of maltiness and hop aroma associated with those styles. However, our version of this style has an amped up bitterness that sets it apart from other bitters. Mighty Maximus has a rounded malt aroma with a bready, roasty smell and slight caramel sweetness. This vigorous session beer has a robust full-bodied mouth feel tasting of toffee and toasty malt character. The elevated bitterness at the finish completes this beer leaving the taste bigger than perceived.


Starting Gravity: 11.4 °P

International Bittering Unit: 56

Color: 18.5 SRM

% Alcohol by Volume: 3.6%

Food Pairing

Our Premium Bitter pairs with a wide variety of food. The robust body can sustain roast chicken or pork, fish and chips, as well as other grilled meats, as long as they’re not too spicy. Another good choice is Thai food, as long as it’s not overwhelmingly hot.  As you move to cheeses try some Lancashire or Leicester. English Bitter pairs very well with some Oatmeal-raisin-walnut cookies.

Recommended Storage and Serving

This beer is best served at a temperature in the low 50’s before consuming. It is a fantastic beer with most food but works extremely well as a session beer.

It is best to store the beer upright in a dry dark area at temperatures around 50°F.

Production Details

Packaging: Draft, 1L/2L Growler Fills, 750ml (Bottles coming soon!)

Time of Release: Year Round (Currently on Tap)

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