The Bruce

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The Series:Pillars of Strength

Style: Scotch Ale

Our Story

Robert the Bruce was a King of Scotland from 1306 until his death in 1329 and a valiant fighter for independence. He became a strong champion of Scotland’s freedom culminating in his decisive victory over the English at the Battle of Bannockburn. King Edward of England, once oppressor of the land, never again returned to Scotland. Commemorating the heroic Scot, our Scotch Ale brings out the best of anyone, creating powerful, noble desires through its own strength. As the Bruce refused to give up on Scotland’s independence so our ale refuses to be put aside or placed with lesser beers.

Tasting Notes

Nothing will quite get your taste buds prepared for the complexity of our Scotch Ale. This beer focuses on the lost art of maltiness which dominates the flavor profile. Starting from the individually selected barley types to produce a malt forward beer, we conduct a unique boiling process which helps produce flavors that cannot be achieved by grains selection alone. The aroma imparts an earthly sensation with caramel maltiness fulfilling the spectrum. Flavor profile has complete give to the malt, with hints of nuttiness, dried fruit like raisins, toffee, hints of roast, and caramel. Bitterness is not a factor of this beer, leaving more room to experience the malt flavors. The full body finish is unique to because of the resulting sweetness, almost chewy like makes savoring this beer worth every moment.


Starting Gravity: 26.13 °P

International Bittering Unit: 38

Color: 22 SRM

% Alcohol by Volume: 12%

Food Pairing

Due to the low usage of hops in this beer, the high degree of malt will pair excellent with the concept of fresh game covered with sauces. Roasted or grilled beef, lamb, or even smoked salmon are among other pairings that enhance your eating experience. For those cheese eaters, smoked Mizithra or Idiazabal cheese marries well with the darker notes of The Bruce. Dessert should be focused towards sticky toffee pudding or chocolate chip shortbread.

Recommend Storage and Serving

Like with most of Valiant Brewing’s beers, The Bruce is another example of a beer that can be aged for several years ultimately enhancing the flavor profile. Thu this beer can be consumed straight from the brewery, if age correctly, this beer will put up sherry-like notes making this beer stand next to fine liquors.

It is best to store the beer upright in a dry dark area at temperatures around 50°F. Recommend serving temperature is 50 – 55°F and should be served in a thistle type glass which captures the rich cream head.

Production Details

Packaging: Draft, 1L/2L Growler Fill, 750ml (Bottles coming soon!)

Time of Release: October – January (Not in production yet) Estimate start of production July 2013

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