The Series: Pillars of Strength

Style: French Ale

Our Story

Leisure is the object of our work and one should prize the moments we have to simply take our repose and reflect. The Veranda is a shaded and protected fortress of sorts that allows us to separate ourselves from the world.

Meaning Beer for keeping, the Biere-de-Garde is a French ale which lay inside dark cellars during the winter and spring. Slowly transforming into an elegant and refined ale to be revealed in the summer, the French Ale was the perfect beer for relaxing and winding down after a long day. Valiant Brewing is bringing back that tradition with our Veranda.

Tasting Notes

Veranda has a wonderfully complex aroma that stems from its blend yeast strains. The aroma is of green pepper, with some spiciness and dry dark fruits like raisins, plums and dates. The flavor has a supporting caramel malt that mixes with the slight toffee sweetness. The finish is fairly dry making it that much easier to drink and even though it is a big beer you would never know it. Staying true to style, Veranda has a slightly oxidized taste giving it somewhat of a rustic flavor. This hearkens back to the origins of Biere-De-Gardes which come from the farmhouses of Belgium.


Starting Gravity: 18.63 °P

International Bittering Unit: 33

Color: 13.8 SRM

% Alcohol by Volume: 8.5%

Food Pairing

Pairing universally with most main dishes, our French Ale is best complimented with roast beef, lamb or fresh game. You may enjoy the combination better if you grill or roast these meats, however don’t get too carried away with the grilling for too much darkening may take away the delicate balance of this beer. Select cheeses that are rich and moderately aged like double Gloucester. For dessert try spiced rum walnut tart or toffee apple crisp.

Recommended Storage and Serving

Depending on the degree of aging, Veranda can be aged for some time, thereby allowing additional complexity to develop within the beer. However straight from the brewery, you’ll be able to enjoy our French Ale with appealing character which stems from our unique yeast strain. It is best to store the beer upright in a dry dark area at temperatures around 50°F.

Recommend serving temperature is 50 – 55°F and is best served in an oversize wine glass which allows for adequate head space and showcases the amazing aromas.

Production Details

Packaging: Draft, 1L/2L Growler Fills, 750ml (Bottles coming soon!)

Time of Release: Year Round (Currently on Tap)

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