The Submittals are Finally Happening!!



Now I understand why so many breweries write these blogs. It’s not because we like reading about ourselves, but more along the line that the experiences that we go through are simply meant to be shared. Yesterday we had some ground breaking progress for VBC, we went through with submitting our Conditional Use Permit for the city or Orange. I know that doesn’t sound like much but take the fact that a year ago May we were about to sign a lease in the city of Irvine; we pulled out and 3 months later almost signed a lease for a building in the city of Lake Forest, you can see this day was long in the coming.

There I am taking ownership as we walk into the city of Orange’s planning department to off load our CUP (conditional use permit) packet. I seriously was ready to take on the world. I felt organized, with the help of my wife, confident and so ready to make beer that when those sliding doors open it was like “here I am – Let’s do this thing”. But in reality I pushed my daughter thought the doors in her stroller, signed the login in sheet, answered maybe two questions and that was it! At the end of it all, stood around looking goofy for my children, then got handed back our receipt with our CUP reference number and were told to go now and fill out some AMP (Alcohol Management Plan) paperwork from the police department of Orange along with more $$$ for their service. Simple enough right! Pack up the family and head down the road to the police department.

Backing it up just a little, the time frame for us to open our doors has taken full precedence because of the amount of time needed for approving the use of even operating as a brewery in the city of Orange.  Most adjacent cities allow a brewery to open its doors as a production brewery, yes a permit is needed for a tasting room but a brewery can start producing beer ASAP upon getting their ABC license. City of Orange requires the CUP for all alcohol related businesses. I guess you can say we are lucky, stressed to no end because of the time line but happy the process has started. So the city told us that it usually takes 6 months to approve our use, ok but the police department takes 3-4 months for their investigation work which is needed by the city in order to continue their approval. Do you see that inner loop? Well we’ll do our best to keep the process moving and hope that around September of this year, 2012 that we can open our doors.

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