May 9th plus a few days

Its 11:46pm on May 9th, I usually get up for work at 4am to arrive at 5am to put my 10 hours in for the day. I do this Monday through Friday to help support the family. Kind of have to, been doing it ever since I graduated with my engineering degree from college. I’ve always been in the Aerospace industry, just didn’t realize how fast time would actually go once the years started clicking away.
I typically would be asleep by this time, I mean your body needs to sleep and rest. Trying to start a brewery (yes it’s taking forever trust me we know) and work in the high demand pace and stress of the Aerospace industry is finally taking its toll on me. I usually get sick once or two a year, you know the classic couple days that you’re simply bed written. Well the start of this year, 2012 we stepped up the pace for our brewery and at the same time I got promoted at my day job which if you’ve never been in Aerospace, means that you now have more responsibility, commitment, stress and lack of life outside of work. I’m trying to do the best I can to ensure my two daughters get Dad’s interaction along with making sure my wife I and have our needed time.
So back to stress and lack of sleep, we did make it back from CBC 2012 in San Diego. It was mind boggling the number of attendants. The published numbers showed over 4,500 attendees not to mention selling out an entire hotel square block and adjacent hotels. The growth numbers for craft beer segment where reporting historical growth and no signs of slowing down. We got to visit some friends that we’ve met at previous CBC’s and talked to potential suppliers for kegs, hops and all those little odd’s and end’s needed to run a brewery. Wait beer – yes we had our fair share and then some. The selection and presence of the West Coast beer scene was in full force and showing its colors. Seriously a great event and one that got us all revved up thinking about getting Valiant Brewing open.
This is all great stuff, right! Yes but then that whole stress, having too much fun and not enough sleep thing caught up to me – got sick Sunday morning! This is one approach for keeping things mellow for a day or two, wait three, no four, you get where I’m going.
I’m sick and productivity at this point is ZERO. We had so much that we wanted to accomplish when we got back so I guess we’ll just have to wait. On the good side, we have in our hands, I think 40 completed forms that is ready to submit to the TTB and ABC for our beer manufacturing license. This is really what I was trying to say from the start.
Oh wait now its 12:10am and my brain is going, I might as well go into work – thanks a lot Valiant!

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