Valiant Brewing Company takes home several local and national awards

BRIAN SCHROEPFERWe at Valiant Brewing Company are beyond excited to announce the addition of several new awards for our Orange County-based beer. Since we first opened our doors in March of 2013, Head Brewer, Brian Schroepfer has put his engineering background, as well as his Master Brewers certification from the American Brewers Guild, to good use in designing beer with complex, multi-layered flavors and aromas. Now a few of those beers are being recognized as some of the best in the region, and even the country.

“It’s really rewarding to receive recognition for our hard work on a local, national and international level,” Brian said. “It truly is an honor and validates all the hard work and effort I put into each brew.”

Our Belgian-Style Dark Ale, Axiom, won a Gold medal this summer at the San Diego International Beer Festival (SDIBF). We also took home another Gold medal for our Scottish-Style Ale, The Bruce. More than 12,000 beer lovers attend SDIBF every year, and more than 400 different international beers are represented. We were so thrilled to stand out in such a prestigious crowd.

This summer Valiant Brewing Company also earned three awards from the Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition, including two gold medals for The Bruce and Axiom. We were also awarded a bronze medal for our Barrel-Aged version of Axiom. This international competition has been around for nearly 15 years and boasts the highest standards of excellence in judging and beer tasting, so these awards were also quite an honor.

Lastly, but not least, this year’s United States Open Beer Competition named us one of the top ten breweries in the country. We also won a Gold medal in the competition for Stentorian, our Barley Wine, a silver medal for our Belgian Pale Ale, Criterion, and another silver for Crescendo in the American Premium Lager category. We were also excited to win a bronze medal for Axiom in the Belgian Quadrupel category.

Submitting your own beer to a international, national or even local beer competition can be a daunting experience. Each competition brings with it it’s own set of requirements for packaging, transporting and categorizing beer submissions.

Brian said, “It’s takes a lot of detail to make sure your beers arrive how they should, and in the right categories, to put your best foot forward.”

Already we’re getting great responses about the awards from our customers in the tasting room. Now, we’re hoping the awards will have a positive effect on our efforts to get the word out about our beer to people all over Southern California.

Brian added, “It highlights the beer again to everyone. Sometimes it needs a little push to get going.”

We hope you’ll come in, meet the gang, and try some of our award winning beer soon!


The Brewery’s Unsung Hero

Sink delivery

Step one: obtain a brewery-sized sink.


We’d like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on the unsung hero in any brewery: the sink.

Think about it. The mashtun gets tons of attention (excuse the pun). The brewhouse is always in the spotlight. Even kegs are constant topics of conversation.

That’s all for good reason, we admit. But consider this: without a sink in which to wash the glasses… well, you’d have to guzzle straight from a growler or a tap. And that would be so unhygienic. (And probably against myriad regulations.)

So, without further ado, we present The Tale of Valiant’s Sink.


Hook it up!

No matter how awesome the sink… it isn’t of much practical use without being hooked up.



We got good use out of the sink as soon as it was delivered–but let’s be honest: the purpose of a sink is not to support tubes and pipes and other supplies! So we went ahead and connected it to all the necessary plumbing.




But we didn’t stop there.


Once it was hooked up, we figured–let’s accessorize! So up went the shelves.

And, just like every other part of opening a brewery, we got the job done–one step at a time.

All systems go!

Our to-do list was about a mile long as we got closer and closer to opening our doors. When the sink was finally installed, water was running–and draining!–just the way it was supposed to… well, it was just so beautiful, we had to take a picture.

A working sink

Okay, it was beautiful when it was shiny and empty and perfect–but let’s face it: seeing our sink (and our dishwasher!) hard at work, cleaning emptied Valiant glasses, is all we could have asked for.







Doors Are OPEN! (almost)

building door

Check out this sturdy framework.




So, did we ever tell you we had to build two ginormous doors inside the two ginormous doors that lead into the brewery? This is that story.

It’s a story of regulations we didn’t expect, requiring double doors. A story of woodworking, drywalling, painting, and hinges. A story of why we’re even more excited about being able to say (at our Grand Opening 2/9): “Doors are OPEN!”

insulating door

The insulation was a nice shade of pink… but it didn’t really go with our color scheme. So we slapped up some more drywall to cover it up.







painting door

Next step: painting. A serious undertaking when you’re dealing with such serious doorways.











Are we artists, or what?



And all that work leads to….

opening door



…And they all drank happily ever after.

(It’s a good story, right??)

Kegging the IPA

Guess what we're kegging?

Hey, we’re mechanical engineers. We like things labeled properly, okay?


We’ve been busy brewing–now it’s time to start kegging! (How else can we serve all those thirsty people coming to our Grand Opening on Feb. 9?)




Our pal Rick Belcher has been in on so much of the brewery-building process–he couldn’t miss out on kegging!













He’s a hard worker, isn’t he?


It is totally amazing to see our beautiful equipment finally doing what it’s meant to do!













Is there a sight more beautiful than a tower of ale, waiting to be enjoyed? (Okay–maybe a glass of ale, waiting to be enjoyed. But still!)


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