Continuation from CUP day…

No the story wasn’t finished for our CUP day, remember our next task was to head over to the police department to hand them a fat check and according to Orange planning department, fill out some paper work (AMP).


All was good, excited that we started the paperwork, talking about what the future holds for VBC, checking out the local street scene as we drive only a couple miles to where I thought the police station was. Located right off Chapman, I turned into the parking lot to the sight of an indoor shooting range and a HUGE sheriff’s badge over hanging an opposing building. That said, however I thought I’d scope out the place before taking the family out of the car because we were noticing that printed on the main doors of the police building that it said “Training Facility”. I really thought nothing of it until I walked inside and it smelled like a gym locker. Needless to say, we were nowhere near the right location. Just as I was figuring this out, my family walked inside. I quickly grabbed a phone number of the local police station from an assistant working there and walking back to our car I asked my wife, give me the keys. She looked at me “you have them”. No sure don’t, there they are in the ignition!


So there we are, keys locked in the car, kids are now starting to get a little upset from being taken out of the car so many times, we haven’t made one step closer to getting this AMP thing filled out and it will be 5pm in a couple of minutes. Luckily we had our phones ready and AAA was close by to assist us to slim jim our car open in front of the police station – this shot says it all.




We eventually got back in our car, thank you Mr. AAA dude, and found out that the police department which we wanted to go to was right down the street; yeah we drove past it coming to this place – go figure!


The visit to the police station has a humorous twist to it as well since the lady assisting us had no clue of what we needed. She was trying her best as we gave her the City’s instructions on our CUP paperwork. Around and around we tried to get the “paperwork” we needed, finally we figured out all she needed was a copy of our receipt from the city and money. Feeling like we just got taken advantage of, there goes another $1,600; we left with understanding that we’d be contacted from an investigator soon.

So now here we are, waiting for the police department to conduct an investigation on us and local surroundings which should take them a minimum of 3 – 4 months, waiting for our CUP to be approved, what’s next? Time to start getting the brewery ready for action – can someone say floor drains! More to come…

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