The Valiant Brewing family is growing!

Growth is a word every small business likes to hear – and that’s definitely true for us at Valiant Brewing Company. The Valiant Brewing family is evolving and new employment opportunities are being created for a few of our loyal staffers.

“It’s definitely exciting, said Head Brewer and Owner Brian Schroepfer.

Steven Hicks: Assistant Brewer at Valiant Brewing Company

Steven Hicks: Assistant Brewer at Valiant Brewing Company

We’ve given promotions to two of our very talented and dedicated tasting room employees. Steven Hicks had been serving Valiant Brewing Company as a Serving Specialist in our tasting room but in March, he started in his new position as Assistant Brewer. This change showcases Steven’s passion for craft beer and his thirst to learn more about the brewing process. Steven has a very technical mind, just like Brian, which makes them a perfect team in the brewery. Steven is an avid home brewer and has goals toward a brewing degree. Right now, in the Valiant brewery, he’s doing everything from cleaning and maintenance to filtering. He’s also mastered the pilot batches and is now brewing all the pilot batches by himself. Steven has already been a great help to Brian with the brewing side of Valiant Brewing Company.

“We’re getting busier and coming out with a lot more beers,” Brian explained, adding that he’s glad to have Steven’s help in the brewery. “He’s a really good fit.”

Sales Representative for Valiant Brewing Company

Andre Stojka: Sales Representative for Valiant Brewing Company

On the other side, we have an employee who is so full of life that it’s likely you’ve talked to him at length about great beer if you’ve ever visited the Valiant tasting room. Andre Stojka is bubbly, fun and loves interacting with people. Unlike Steven, Andre is less interested in the technical side of craft beer, but loves the community craft beer creates. Several months ago he approached us with a well thought out plan of why he should take on a new position as one of our Sales Representatives. He put a lot of thought into the idea and for us it was a no brainer. His social personality and knowledge of (and passion for) craft beer made him a perfect choice for the job. Andre made the leap from Serving Specialist in the tasting room to Sales Rep for the San Diego area in January. Already he’s beating all of our other sales reps in terms of numbers.”He’s opening the brand to another county and infiltrating one of the most difficult and competitive areas in the state for craft beer,” Brian said.

Tasting Room Manager for Valiant Brewing Company

Nate Moretz: Tasting Room Manager for Valiant Brewing Company

We also brought in Nate Moretz as our new Tasting Room Manager. Nate will be in charge of all of Valiant’s tasting room events from movie nights, trivia and game nights, cask nights, food pairing events and even our Summer Festival in July where we’ll roll out six new beers. He’ll also do social media work for us and will be responsible for making sure the overall atmosphere of the Valiant Brewing tasting room is fun and enjoyable for all our guests.

“It’s good to bring fresh blood into the tasting room,” Brian noted. “We’ve finally got to a point to get myself out of the tasting room,” he added, “It’s nice to know I have help.”

We are so pleased to be able to help launch the careers of the next generation of craft beer brewers, managers and sales reps. It’s also rewarding to know that we’re keeping our employees happy and fulfilled. That’s just one reason Valiant Brewing Company is a great place to work.

“We’re a very small and dedicated team,” Brian explained. “This is a family. It’s pretty strong.”

In total, we now have five full time employees and one part time employee. That includes our three sales reps to Orange County and San Diego.

“These are all good signs that we’ve achieved the next step. It’s very nice and we needed the extra help,” Brian said.

When we started Valiant Brewing Company, we had the mindset to begin by creating a strong product – expertly crafted beer. Once we accomplished that, we could focus on serving our customers to the best of our ability. The additional staff will help us even more in making the tasting room at Valiant Brewing Company somewhere beer lovers can feel welcome and relaxed. After all, the customers are the reason we work so hard to brew great beer.

“Our customers are very loyal and we know that they’ll be there for us,” Brian said.

Just like our staff, our customers are part of the Valiant family. We hope that this part of our family will continue to grow and as it grows, we are committed to listening to the needs of our customers to make Valiant’s tasting room a place they’ll want to be. Come down anytime and join our big, crazy, fun, Valiant Brewing Company family!


Valiant Beer and Cheese Tasting

In celebration of craft beer week, we are hosting a Beer and Cheese Tasting in addition to our Strong Ale Release Party! Friday May17th 6pm at the Tasting room.

brewery beer and cheese

Our line up of food and beer pairings! May 17th at the Brewery

Friday May 17th

6pm at the Tasting room.

Includes a flight of samples including a pre-taste of our Strong Ale.  Finger Foods and one pour of your choice.

Tickets Available Online and At the Door

Celebrate American Craft Beer Week!

Building and Permits

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to pour everything you’ve got into something that you truly feel is important? Well we are sure going through that right now! We recently met with an engineer to help us sign off our local city and health plans. We had a rough idea of what we needed, like tanks, plumbing, chiller, walk-in cooler, and things like that but then comes the book of  building code requirements. Wait I simply need to pause….
OK that was enough continue… the price more than TRIPLES! We are not talking about the triple that you and I know, Belgian triple, but dollar sign, everything has tripled in cost to get up and running. We are somewhat educated in the world of construction, but local and federal requirements are another thing that we just hadn’t considered much. But now we are! We’re sure those who are open right now as operating breweries understand.
We are so excited to be where we are at, everything that we’ve set our focus on since the beginning is finally happening. Valiant Brewing will be opening soon. However it is important not to underestimate the remaining inspections, permits, build outs, etc that we need to finish in order to open our doors. We are so close to presenting to the public when we might be open but we still need about one more month in order to gain the scope of remaining work. For example, we are presenting our brewery layout to the health department and the city building department next week. This is seriously the big leap we’ve been working with the health department, since the very beginning, with understanding their requirements, incorporating their requests and building the rest out to local building codes.
As a mile stone, we like to post a simple yet meaningful picture of the beginning life of Valiant Brewing Company. It took so long to find it and it is awesome, we are nearing the end of five months now, we were given an estimated 6months for our CUP.  So this is where everything starts and this helps us remember the beginning times and lets us look forward to another family brewery that aims to be unique, diverse, creative, challenge your taste buds and simply provide our customers an experience like one they never, ever have had. We’ve also been taking this “down” time to explore with pilot batches for our comprehensive line up of beers, making sure we’ve got them mastered.

We have rounded the corner, hang in there we really cannot wait to meet each and every one of you in person at our tasting room inside the brewery. Located by the yellow pole will be the area for our tasting room!
Also another shot for all you tech heads and beer geeks, that’s right we’ve got one big operation planned to service our customers.

One step at a time, one penny at a time, one step closer to opening!

Brian & Kelly Schroepfer

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