The Valiant Lineup: Hotspur

Part 4 in our ongoing series of posts introducing you to the Valiant family of beers. Today’s installment: Hotspur.

The inspiration for our Dunkelweizen, Hotspur, comes from southern Germany, as you might have guessed. If your German beer skills are sharp, you already know that “dunkel” means “dark,” and “weizen” means “wheat.” It’s a dark version of the Hefeweizen (“yeast wheat,” for those of you playing at home), but with a more complex flavor profile as well as a darker hue, a sort of ruby brown.

Hotspur is a classic Dunkelweizen with a healthy dose of banana and clove aroma and a flavor to match: banana, clove, and a hint of nutty bread. Additional character stems from using classic noble hops like Hallertau, which provide that earthy, slightly flowery aroma—a must for this style of beer.

Part of our Common Sense series, Hotspur comes in at 5% ABV. Its drinkability is very much in keeping with the Dunkelweizen style—low in alcohol, but packed with flavor. Hotspur shares those characteristics with all tdunkelweizenhe other beers in our Common Sense series (including premium bitter Mighty Maximus, 3.6% ABV, and 31 Kings IPA, 6.5% ABV).

In Germany, Dunkelweizens are known as individuals—there are dozens of brands, but each with a unique flavor profile. In that sense, Hotspur is a perfect fit. (And that’s how we chose the name: Hotspur the beer, just like Shakespeare’s Henry IV character of the same name, is an invigorating individual!)

It is best to store Hotspur upright in a dry dark area at temperatures around 50°F. We recommend serving at 53 – 59°F in goblet-type glassware. And here are some suggestions for goodies to enjoy alongside it: substantial salads, roast chicken, pork, hearty sausage, goat cheese, Gouda… and banana cream pie!