The Valiant Lineup: Octave

Part 5 in our ongoing series of posts introducing you to the Valiant family of beers. Today’s installment: Octave.

It’s no shocker that Belgian pale ales dominate the brewing scene in Belgium—especially after you’ve tasted one. These are easy-drinking beers with a malty taste and the pleasant aroma of hops (without the bitterness).

Valiant’s Belgian pale fits that bill—but also sneaks outside the style box, so to speak.

Five different malts go into Octave, building a complex flavor profile. Octave isn’t as sweet as some Belgian pales, though—and it has a drier finish than many. With an IBU of 30, Octave offers a longer-lasting bitterness to balance out the malt profile. Opal hops are the source of a distinctive fruity, floral aroma (but without that ester hit that turns off so many beer-drinkers).
With an ABV of 6.5%, Octave not only balances the malt and hops, but a little added sugar thins out the flavor profile so it’s not quite so thick. It’s mildly carbonated and, unlike many Belgian pales, no decanting is necessary for this reddish, semi-cloudy beer.

Diversifying the lineup in the Valiant tasting room, Octave won’t be on tap year-round—so it’s a good idea to grab a glass before it’s all gone.

Plus there may be a surprise in store down the road for Octave fans. It is possible that some of the Belgian pale made its way into bourbon barrels for aging, just in time for a summer release. We can’t wait to taste how oaking impacts the flavor profile of Valiant’s newest beer!