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Style: Imperial IPA
10.8% ABV, 100+ IBU

Lemon and grapefruit zest combined with tropical fruitlike characters. Crisp tropical fruit taste like mango with supporting light malty character. Clean bitterness profile that develops more with time. Semi-sweet finish with an everlasting flavor of hops.

Release Date: April – Limited Production Run

Beer Advocate Rating: 91


The Dickens

Style: Belgian Porter – On NITRO
6.8% ABV, 26 IBU

Get ready to experience what craft beer is about! Valiant has crafted a hybrid style thereby mixing the appealing and captive aromatic properties of Belgian beer combined with the easy drinking characteristic of porters. This refreshing beer has components of raisin, prune and dark chocolate aromas which then back by a frothy mocha, chocolate and caramel flavor and finishes on the dry side. Low bitterness which make this one easy but flavorful drinker.


Valiant Brewing 1st Anniversary

Style: Belgian Style Barleywine Ale
12.3% ABV, 100 + IBU

The intense four boil allowed us to put together a rich and intense caramel malty flavor. On the bitterness side, French Strisselspalt hops were used in large amounts to help bring the bitterness to a level of that in Barley wines. Once everything came together, we have a one-off, very specialize, completely off the charts anniversary beer that we feel treats all those supporting Valiant.


Valiant Brewing 2nd Anniversary

Style: Imperial Brown/Stout style Barleywine
15% ABV, 61 IBU

Celebration’s should be carried out in the most proper way, that’s why for our 2nd Anniversary we decided to create yet another unique beer for our achievement. What you have before you is a combination of an Imperial Brown which we captured its toffee, caramel and toasted flavors and combined that with a Stout focusing on the rich complex chocolate, coffee and slight roastiness characters.

Release Date: March – One Time Only Release


2nd Anniversary w/ COFFEE & MARSHMALLOW

Style: Imperial Brown-Stout Style Barleywine
15% ABV, 61 IBU

Our crowd favorite from our 2nd Anniversary Party, 2nd Anniversary w/ COFFEE and MARSHMALLOW. Huge coffee, toffee and vanilla aromas pop out of the glass. Flavor is massive with coffee, maple, vanilla, chocolate, toffee that coats the pallet with luxury. Finishes well due to the 15% abv, leaving you with a drinkable sleeper.


First Flight

Style: American Strong Ale
13.7% ABV, 78 IBU

First Flight is Brian and Kelly’s reminder that they left Aerospace behind to immerse into the world of brewing. This beer was the first “big beer” that Valiant produced after only a month of being open. We are here to brew big, powerful, and complex beers with an impeccable balance and First Flight was the perfect indicator of what is to come. Massive whiffs of caramel, toffee, and coconut gives First Flight its uniqueness. Flavor is more of the same delicious toasted coconut with silky smooth notes of caramel and toffee. Roast is very slight and delicate with low carbonation giving a lighter mouthfeel thus enticing out more flavor.



Style: Citrus Wild Ale
4.8% ABV, 4 IBU

This beer is going to be setting a new trend along the lines of sour beers. Foamosa is a Citrus Wile Ale thereby using Lactobacillus to produce that perfect sour taste. Enhancing it even more, we add REAL oranges into the beer which allows that aroma to be nothing but a refreshing citrus blast with back stage aroma of funkiness. The flavor component is simple but elegant with slight bready and malty sweetness and that balanced, not over the top sour flavor. Finishes ultra-dry with no heavy after taste. If you like mimosas, this is your beer.


Darth Kratos

Style: Black Belgian Golden Strong Ale
12% ABV, 30 IBU

Champion of Darkness. Lord of War. Through his vast anger and hatred Darth Kratos desires only to achieve ultimate power. His suffering and that of others is the crucible though which his power is forged. Will you fall before his red blade as so many others or will you have the strength to withstand his punishment and become his apprentice?


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