Brian’s Perfect Pairing

Brian’s Perfect Pairing

We are closed on Thanksgiving to allow our employees and families to enjoy this special day together. On Wednesday, November 25th, we will open from 4-11 to allow you to prepare for that special Thanksgiving dinner with a perfect pairing of craft beer!

We have selected beers that will pair perfectly with each segment of the Thanksgiving mean.
Pairing beers will be featured in our Tasting Room on Wednesday.

Social Time:
Suggested Beer: Ryester – Rye Saison, Easy to Drink and Enjoy. Kick back with a complex beer and start those memories off with a low 6.5% abv beer.

Suggested Beer: Alpha Drive – Double IPA 8.8% abv, We have prepared a special ultra-fresh batch of our top selling beer. The approachable hoppy flavor will help aid in brightening up those spicy food flavors.

Dinner Time:
Main course Turkey: Kratos – Belgian Golden Strong Ale 13.3% abv, The delicate balance of Kratos will support the delicate flavors that Turkey offers. Be prepare to amze your friends with this perfect combo.

Main course Ham: Acurum – Trappist Style Ale 10.5% abv, Our award winning beer will complement the sweet and savory components of Ham and delgith with the slight cherry aftertaste! Truly a match made in heaven.

Suggested Beer: Imperial Brown Coconut Ale 7.6% abv, Our newest feature to be released and brewed specifically for the holidays. This one of a kind beer will impress you with how well it pairs with desserts. The aroma of brown sugar and coconut make this beer the perfect dessert beer that will add complexity to your delightful evening.

After Dinner Social Time:
Suggested Beer: 1st Anniversary – Belgian Style Barleywine (750ml Bottle) 12.3% abv, This is an iltra rare release that we saved to make your evening that much more special. Our 1st Anniversary beer is a Belgian Barleywine that has been aging for over 2 years! This will provide you with an experience that you’ll remember for years to come.
**Limit 2 Bottles Per Person**

Join us next Wednesday – Supplies are limited.


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